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Max & Stephanie founded Noah's Ark Ministries in May of 2024. Their ministry is heavily patterned and influenced by David Cuppett and his teachings: See school of the holy spirit. This ministry will equip people to hear the voice of God by receiving the Holy Spirit. Each person's journey is unique, and so will their pathway through our ministry. 

Our hearts beat for those in pain who have lost hope while trying to navigate this broken and demonic world. We will teach the fundamentals of the Holy Spirit by emphasizing concretely, teachings from the Bible, as well as personal giftings.

About Max: Max is a professional soccer player, most recently in Sweden in 2019. His life long passion has been the game of soccer, and brings tremendous experience from the highest level in athletics. Max came to know Christ through his Wife Stephanie, as they are blessed to have been together for 14 years. 

We asked Max what he is most excited for about Noah's Ark Ministries: 

"I am looking forward to finding those who have ascended to the highest level within their respective domains, and showing them that Christ speaks - He has a plan for each of us. Through the power of the Holy Spirit (which is acquirable), we can discover peace and true rest. And then, everything changes"

About Stephanie: Stephanie is an amazing mother who excels in the empathy she shows others. She has an incredible gifting of uplifting the downcast, and enjoys helping them find life in Christ. Stephanie believes her mission and purpose is to help those who have been hurt and betrayed by the world, to find their strength again - in Christ.

We asked Stephanie what she is most excited for about Noah's Ark Ministries: 

"I am excited to meet new people who are on fire for Christ and to have the ability to come alongside them in their walk in Christ. Sometimes all we need is a guide, and I look forward to building Christ's vision in this world"

Max & Stephanie Brewer - Founders




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